Rosacea Severity and Depression Linked in New Investigation


depression and rosacea

The holidays are a time for family gatherings and celebrations, but for many people dealing with both rosacea and depression, it can be the most difficult time of year.

Study Shows Coffee May Reduce Risk for Developing Rosacea


Researchers found that the more caffeinated coffee women drank, the lower their risk was for developing rosacea. 

NRS Research Grants Program Drives Key New Discoveries


genetic research on rosacea

Over the course of nearly two decades the National Rosacea Society (NRS) awarded more than $1.5 million in research grants, fostering dramatic strides in the understanding of rosacea.

Tips for Faring Fall Without a Flare-up


fall leaves

Autumn is in the air! And it may be giving you a rosacea flare-up.

Contact Allergies May be Common in Rosacea Patients


A recent study found a high rate of contact allergies in rosacea patients, and may help make it easier to read ingredient labels to determine which products to avoid. 

Don’t Invite Rosacea to Your Barbecue


Weekend cookouts can be a ton of fun, but for those with rosacea, they may require a little extra planning.

Study Finds Possible Link Between Kidney Disease and Rosacea



A recent Taiwanese study found that rosacea patients may be at higher risk of chronic kidney disease.

Common Connection Between Rosacea Dietary Triggers


There may be a logical explanation for why certain foods cause rosacea symptoms to flare, according to an expert on skin and diet.

Survey Reveals Gaps in Doctor-Patient Communication


While many patients are getting the information they need, there’s still room for improvement — from both physicians and patients.

Study Analyzes DNA to Investigate the Genetics of Rosacea


double helix

A recent study has pinpointed seven genomic regions potentially associated with rosacea symptom severity.

Try These Trendy and Rosacea-Friendly Summer Treats


With a little care, some of this summer’s trendiest sweets can be rosacea-proofed.

Survey Reveals Rosacea Patient Profile on Web


Persistent facial redness and bumps and pimples were the most common signs and symptoms of rosacea among those online.

Put Your Best Face Forward: Headshot Tips from a Pro


getting headshots with rosacea

A professional photographer shares her top photography tips for rosacea patients.

Spring Rosacea Review is Now Available Online


The latest issue covers Rosacea Awareness Month, the AAD annual meeting, a study tracking the facial microbiome of twins with rosacea and more.

Rosacea Facial Redness That Won’t Go Away? Here’s a Treatment That Can Help.



What the New Classification System Update Means for Rosacea Patients


The updated diagnostic system encourages more individualized assessment and care.

Decoding Rosacea Research Terms


rosacea research terms

Here’s a guide to some of the key terms that are seen frequently in rosacea research but aren’t necessarily familiar to everyone.

415 Million People Affected by Rosacea Worldwide


Ever wondered how many people in the world have rosacea? Researchers have attempted to determine the global prevalence of this widespread disorder for the first time.


Rosacea Awareness Month Marks Strides in Spotting Life-Disruptive Disorder


April has been designated as Rosacea Awareness Month to educate the public on this often life-disruptive condition now affecting more than 16 million Americans – and most of them don’t know it.

Here’s How to Take Part in Rosacea Awareness Month


Join the National Rosacea Society this April in sharing information and busting myths about this disease.

Study Finds Potential Link between Hair Loss and Rosacea


woman's hair

While rosacea may make some patients want to tear their proverbial hair out, a recent small study discovered a potential association between the disorder and a form of progressive hair loss in women.

Rosacea Research and Treatment Discussed at AAD


2018 AAD annual meeting in San Diego

Physicians at the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting recently discussed new research on rosacea and its treatment.

New Study Suggests More Understanding of Disease Process


A new study suggests a further understanding of the disease process of rosacea in which both the innate immune system and the acquired immune system may play a role in the development of inflammation.

Dermatologist Reflects on 50 Years of Treating Rosacea


2018 AAD annual meeting

“I think whoever gives a talk in 20 years about his or her 50 years of experience will have a lot more to say about specific treatments for rosacea.”

Rosacea Depicted in an Antique Sculpture


rosacea rhinophyma sculpture

Signs of rosacea were preserved hundreds of years ago in a carved and painted detail of one of the world’s most famous altars.