Tools for the Professional

The National Rosacea Society (NRS) seeks not only to raise public awareness and support research, but also to provide medical professionals with patient education and professional tools that can aid in the diagnosis, treatment and effective management of this chronic and widespread disorder.

The widely used patient education materials published by the NRS are available in bulk quantities to health professionals, edited by physicians and incorporating the standard criteria for rosacea. These include the introductory booklets "Understanding Rosacea" and "Managing Rosacea"; the "Rosacea Diary" and the “Triggers Checklist” tear-sheet tablet, both of which aid in identifying and minimizing individual rosacea triggers; and the newsletter, Rosacea Review. An easy-to-use, interactive order form makes it fast and simple to request the desired quantities.

In addition, the NRS makes a broad range of professional materials available specifically for health professionals, such as the clinical scorecard for evaluating rosacea patients and a "Faces of Rosacea" office poster illustrating the four subtypes of the condition. NRS consensus committees and review panels of 26 rosacea experts developed the standard classification system, standard grading system and standard management options to provide standard criteria and terminology for the diagnosis and management of rosacea. The NRS recently published updated rosacea treatment algorithms online, reflecting subsequently approved medical therapies. Professional materials may be additionally requested using the online order form.

Professional Membership

Physicians may also become professional members of the NRS to receive additional benefits to help attract new patients, enhance patient care and support research. By joining the NRS, you will be included in the Professional Member listing on the Physician Finder section of this site, seen by more than 1 million people with rosacea each year, and gain increased access to the broad range of educational resources described above. In addition, your donation will be used to support the NRS research grants program, and you will receive a reception window decal and office display card showing your support. Simply select the Professional Membership option on our online Materials Request form or complete the Professional Membership Form (PDF) and mail it with your donation to the National Rosacea Society, 4619 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste. 216, Chicago IL 60640.