Patient Education Materials

The Society provides the following materials in bulk quantities to physicians and other health professionals to help rosacea patients understand their condition and how to manage it:

Understanding Rosacea, an introductory booklet incorporating the new standard classification system for rosacea. (Currently out of print, but available as a free PDF.)

Managing Rosacea, a patient guide for controlling this chronic and often complex disorder.

Coping with Rosacea, a guide to lifestyle management for rosacea patients.

Rosacea Diary, a diary booklet to help patients identify and avoid factors that cause flare-ups in their individual cases.

Triggers Checklist, a convenient tablet of 25 sheets that can be torn off for distribution to your rosacea patients to help them identify and minimize their individual triggers.

Rosacea Triggers, a chart of common lifestyle and environmental factors that can trigger flare-ups in various individuals.

Rosacea Review, the newsletter of the National Rosacea Society.


To order any of these materials, please fill out our Physician Materials Request Form, or call the Society at 888/662-5874. Materials will be delivered by U.S. mail.