Spring Tips for Avoiding Flare-ups

Posted: 3/7/2016

spring flowers

By taking extra steps to minimize the potential for flare-ups, you can help make spring a time of renewal rather than regret.

Rosacea Associated with Increased Risk of Brain Cancer

Posted: 2/29/2016


A new study in Denmark found that rosacea is associated with an increased incidence of glioma, the most common form of cancer in the central nervous system.

Rosacea May Be Linked to Smoking, New Study Finds

Posted: 2/22/2016


A recent study in Turkey found that increased risk of rosacea may be associated with smoking.

Computers May Evaluate Rosacea Redness in the Future

Posted: 2/15/2016

facial redness

Physicians and researchers may soon have a new computer-based process to help objectively assess the redness of subtype 1 rosacea.

Rosacea Awareness Month to Focus on Health Risk News

Posted: 2/8/2016

Rosacea Awareness Month

New studies are now showing this widespread disorder may also be associated with increased risks of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, certain types of cancer and many other systemic illnesses.

Rosacea Patients Watch What They Put on Their Skin

Posted: 2/1/2016

skin cream

While most rosacea patients pay attention to the ingredients in the skin-care products and cosmetics they use, for many it's a process of trial and error to determine what to avoid.

Is Rosacea a Result of Climate Adaptation?

Posted: 1/18/2016

It's been called the "Curse of the Celts," but a new theory suggests rosacea may be the result of a broad genetic adaptation that originated in people who lived in the colder climates of northern Europe.

Resolve This Year to Find Rosacea Relief

Posted: 1/11/2016

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been suffering with rosacea for a while, each year brings further opportunity to find relief.

A Year of Progress: 2015 in Review

Posted: 1/4/2016

From advances in rosacea research to global public awareness, 2015 was a banner year for rosacea. Here’s a look back.

Research Findings Presented at SID Annual Meeting

Posted: 12/28/2015

Medical scientists reviewed research on the microbiome, genetics and pathophysiology of rosacea and presented results of new studies funded by the NRS during its research workshop at the 2015 Society for Investigative Dermatology annual meeting.

Santa's Red Cheeks May Signify Rosacea, Says Doctor

Posted: 12/21/2015

Allegations that Santa Claus’ red nose and cheeks were due to drinking too much spiked eggnog were laid to rest today when the negative results of a blood alcohol test were released. “There was no alcohol in his blood,” stated the medical examiner. His test did, however, register unusually high levels of gingerbread and hot chocolate, officials reported.

Break the Ice with Your Rosacea

Posted: 12/14/2015

Talking about your rosacea or responding to comments can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Ease up the conversation with these tips.

Keep the Holiday Cheerful with These Winter Rosacea Tips

Posted: 12/7/2015

holiday ornament

Following strategies to help avoid your individual triggers may help you get through the holiday season without a flare-up.

Could El Niño Bring Good News for Rosacea Patients?

Posted: 12/1/2015

The strongest El Niño weather pattern in 50 years is in full swing across the country, and that might be good news for some rosacea sufferers – at least for now. 

Molecular Insight May Lead to Advances in Rosacea Therapy

Posted: 11/23/2015


Researchers have identified a family of molecules that may play an important role in the development of rosacea, further advancing the understanding of the disease.

New Issue of Rosacea Review Now Online

Posted: 11/17/2015

The new issue features updates in medical research, a peek inside the latest American Academy of Dermatology meeting and tips for avoiding flare-ups while driving.

Study Finds Genetic and Environmental Factors in Rosacea

Posted: 11/9/2015

Do you have your genes or environmental factors to thank for your rosacea? A new NRS-funded study published in JAMA Dermatology says it could be equally both. 

Lose the Spice While Keeping the Flavor

Posted: 11/2/2015

Many rosacea patients point to hot peppers when thinking about spice-related triggers, but could the popular Pumpkin Spice Latte season pose a similar food-related threat?

New Study Links Rosacea & Chronic Systemic Diseases

Posted: 10/26/2015

subtype 1 rosacea

Medical research continues to suggest that rosacea may have deeper connections with general health.

Rosacea Impacts Work Life, According to New Survey

Posted: 10/20/2015

In the latest NRS survey, more than 75 percent of rosacea patients said their condition had affected interactions with others in the workplace. 

Does Your Beauty Cabinet Need a Skin Care Products Detox?

Posted: 10/12/2015

Is your beauty cabinet starting to resemble the aisle of a department store, yet your signs and symptoms still persist? Maybe it's time for a cosmetics and skin care products detox.

Potential Links Reported Between Rosacea and Cancer

Posted: 10/6/2015

New study analysis suggests rosacea patients may be at an increased risk for thyroid cancer and the skin cancer basal cell carcinoma.

NRS Awards New Grants for Rosacea Medical Research

Posted: 9/29/2015

The National Rosacea Society announced it has awarded funding for three new studies, in addition to continuing support for two ongoing studies, as part of its research grants program. 

Physicians Discuss ‘Perfect Storm’ for Rosacea in the Body

Posted: 9/21/2015

AAD summer meeting 2015

How does rosacea develop in the body? Doctors discussed the underlying "perfect storm" at this year's American Academy of Dermatology summer meeting.

Tips for Avoiding Flare-ups in the Car

Posted: 9/14/2015

What does driving have to do with rosacea? Perhaps more than you think. Consider these lifestyle tips before you step behind the wheel.