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Q&A: Discovering Triggers & Cold Weather

Q. I can't seem to identify any specific rosacea triggers. What is the best way to find what might be bothering my condition?

A. There are a great many lifestyle and environmental factors that may trigger or aggravate rosacea signs and symptoms in various individuals. However, none seems to affect everyone. To identify and then avoid any rosacea triggers you may have, try tracking your condition for several weeks using a patient diary checklist from the National Rosacea Society as your guide.

The diary checklist will ask you to document any exposure to various common rosacea triggers each day -- ranging from weather to emotions, activities and foods -- as well as other potential factors and the condition of your rosacea. The rosacea diary checklist is available free to Society members and is also on its website.

Q. Will cold weather affect my rosacea?

A. Cold weather is a rosacea trigger for many individuals. In a survey of 1,066 rosacea patients, 46 percent said cold weather aggravated their condition, and 57 percent said they were affected by wind.

If winter weather bothers your rosacea, take special care to protect your skin this time of year. Cover your head and face and limit your time outdoors.



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