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Rosacea Potentially Linked To Eye Diseases

Editor's Note: It’s important to note that findings of comorbidity studies like this one only suggest a potential association. To determine any cause and effect relationship, further study is required.

Several eye diseases, including the potentially blinding glaucoma, are now among the many serious systemic disorders that have been found to occur more often in individuals with rosacea, according to recent separate studies in Taiwan and South Korea.

Studies Find Associations Between Rosacea and Psychiatric Disorders

Editor’s note: Rosacea is a highly visible condition associated with social stigma due to a lack of public awareness and misinformation surrounding its cause. Over the past few years, multiple studies have suggested a connection between rosacea and psychiatric disorders. Additionally, many researchers have noted that rosacea negatively impacts patients’ quality of life. It’s important to separate recent studies concerning psychiatric illnesses, which suggest only a potential association with rosacea, from research gauging the impact rosacea has on patients’ quality of life.

Google Search Analysis Maps Interest in Rosacea Comorbidities

In recent years a number of studies have been published investigating rosacea comorbidity, the simultaneous occurrence of rosacea and other diseases, such as gastrointestinal diseases or cancer. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine set out to determine if any correlation could be found between public interest in rosacea and its many comorbid conditions.

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