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Red Carpet, Red Face: Rosacea in Hollywood

Millions of viewers worldwide tune in to the Academy Awards broadcast every year, and from the moment actors meet photographers on the red carpet, a spotlight shines on them, showing off their glamorous appearance — and highlighting any flaws or blemishes as well. Oscar winner Renée Zellweger is reported to suffer from rosacea, and recently a number of other Hollywood actresses have candidly shared their own difficulties dealing with the condition and how it affects their appearance — and ultimately, their career.

She Survived 'Survivor' Without a Flare-Up

When nurse practitioner Margaret Bobonich was diagnosed with rosacea in her late 20s, she had no idea she would be on television. As a healthcare professional, she knew rosacea was a chronic condition that required long-term medical therapy along with lifestyle modifications.

"Through the years, I had my share of flare-ups and sometimes they would be severe," Bobonich said. "I just tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle, comply with prescribed therapy, reduce stress and participate in sports activities to keep fit."

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