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Tips for Sleeping Your Way to Healthy Skin

Adequate sleep not only reduces stress - a common rosacea trigger - but also allows your skin time to rejuvenate. So, try these steps to a good night's rest.

  • Go to bed when you feel tired. If you don't doze off immediately, leave the bedroom and do a chore until you feel sleepy.
  • Exercise in early evening. Give yourself time to wind down after any workout.
  • Avoid stimulants. Caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks may prevent you from a restful slumber.
  • Take a warm bath. Soaking in a tub can relax you.
  • Dim the lights. Soft light creates a restful environment.
  • Write in a journal. Jot down your worries, thoughts and possible solutions to your problems. Recording your ideas may provide stress relief.
  • Quiet time is quality time. Unwind each night with a tranquil activity like reading.
  • Sleep in your bed. Don't use your bed as a place to watch television, read the mail or do anything job related.
  • Get up each morning at the same hour. Even if you stayed up later, force yourself to get up at the usual time.





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