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Gentle Skin Care and Cosmetic Products to Receive NRS Seal of Acceptance

This January, the NRS will be launching a new Seal of Acceptance program to identify gentle skin care and cosmetic products that may be suitable for people with rosacea. One of the most common requests the NRS receives from rosacea patients is for information about which skin care and cosmetic products are appropriate to use. We are excited to offer this new way to provide guidance to rosacea sufferers by recognizing products that have been shown to be unlikely to cause a flare-up. The first group of products is going through the review process now.

Habit Hack Your Way to Better Skin

Managing rosacea can seem like a daunting task sometimes. Between finding a skin care routine that works, using prescriptions and avoiding triggers it can feel like a lot. Luckily, there are tools available to make building a rosacea management routine easier. One is James Clear’s bestselling book, Atomic Habits, which breaks down the science behind building good habits and breaking bad ones.

Consistency Is Key In Rosacea Care

A recent National Rosacea Society survey on regimen consistency found that most rosacea sufferers are good at maintaining a consistent skin care and treatment program. Among the 220 respondents, over 75% practiced gentle skin care in the morning or evening five or more days out of the last seven. Over 65% reported using their topical medications regularly as well. The percentage of respondents reporting consistent use of oral medications was split, with 60% taking their prescriptions one or fewer times in the past week and 40% taking it five or more times. 

Travel with Rosacea: 6 Things to Pack

If you’re traveling this season, don’t forget to pack these rosacea essentials. If you’re flying, consider putting them in your carry-on rather than checked bags. Keeping up your skin care routine while avoiding stress and other triggers will help you to enjoy your time away and keep flare-ups at bay.

Your Prescriptions. Consistent use of medications is important to keep symptoms from flaring up, so make sure to pack them with your other daily use items.

Best Practices for Using Makeup on Rosacea Skin

Makeup and skincare products may sometimes seem intimidating or downright risky for someone dealing with sensitive skin, but the ability to safely disguise rosacea’s symptoms can be an empowering weapon in the arsenal of any rosacea patient.

Here are a few tips for those hoping to use makeup to reduce the outward effects of rosacea on their appearance and maintain a healthy skincare routine.

Shaving Tips for Men

Although rosacea is diagnosed up to three times more often in women, men with rosacea must deal with a skincare challenge of their own: shaving, which may lead to irritation and intensify skin problems. Here are a few shaving tips for rosacea patients with sensitive skin. 

  • Consider using an electric razor to avoid the irritation of a dull razor blade. 

  • Make sure you have plenty of time set aside to shave. Don’t rush! Rushing increases the chance of mistakes, cuts and further skin irritation.

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