Rosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea SocietyRosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea Society

Survey: Patients’ Facial Cleansing Routines Vary

Results from a new National Rosacea Society survey found that most rosacea patients practice a thorough and gentle facial hygiene routine that involves washing twice daily with warm water and a non-soap cleanser, and blotting their face dry with a towel. 

Sixty-five percent of the 719 rosacea patients surveyed said they wash their face twice daily in the morning and evening. Sixteen percent said they wash their face once daily in the morning, while 14 percent wash their face once daily in the evening. Only around 3 percent of patients washed their face less often than once daily.

More than 38 percent of the rosacea patients wash with a non-soap cleanser, while 25 percent use a mild soap. Ten percent simply use water, and 6 percent use regular soap. Around 6 percent of patients surveyed rely on a prescription cleanser.

When rinsing, a whopping 74 percent of patients prefer warm water, while 24 percent stick to cold water, and only 3 percent use hot water. Most patients use a towel to dry their face, with 73 percent blotting the moisture from their face and 16 percent wiping. Ten percent of patients simply let their face air dry.  

In addition to cleansing the face, around 78 percent of patients use a moisturizer. Only 59 percent said they apply sunscreen, although dermatologists widely recommend that rosacea patients use it daily. 

Many patients also use makeup products on their face, with 59 percent using lipstick, 44 percent applying foundation, 46 percent using mascara and eye makeup, 33 percent using blush, 32 percent using concealer and 22 percent using a mineral powder. 

Developing a gentle cleansing routine is important for leading a rosacea-friendly lifestyle. However, because rosacea varies greatly from patient to patient, the best routine may vary for each individual.