Key Staff

Andrew Huff, Executive Director
Mr. Huff has served the NRS since 1996, when he helped launch and maintain the Society's website as the first online resource for information on rosacea. Prior to becoming executive director, he served as director of communications. He has more than 25 years of experience in journalism, communications and medical writing, and is vice president of Glendale Communications Group, which provides infrastructure and personnel for the NRS program services at no cost to its members.

Mary Erhard, Director of Medical Communications
Ms. Erhard has served the NRS since 1993, and supervises all medical writing and the coordination of medical and scientific affairs. She was formerly with the American Medical Association, where she edited its rosacea-related medical journals, Archives of Dermatology and Archives of Ophthalmology.

Nicole Keesecker, Communications Manager
Ms. Keesecker edits and oversees the Society's weblog and social media accounts, as well as the Rosacea Review patient newsletter. She was formerly a communications manager at the University of Chicago with Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, a national program in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Quality/Equality portfolio.

Jocelyn Geboy, Director of Membership Services
Ms. Geboy oversees the distribution of materials, organization of events and coordination of inquiries from patients, health professionals, researchers, industry and the general public.

Samuel Huff, Director Emeritus
Mr. Huff founded the NRS in 1992 and has served in its evolution from a source of noncommercial public information to its current status as a nationally and internationally respected advocate for people who have rosacea. He has more than 40 years of experience in medical communications, and is president of the Glendale Communications Group.