Fitglow Beauty & its Ties with Rosacea

Posted on: By: ahuff

Anna FitglowIn the rosacea community we all know that no one understands what it’s like unless they have battled with the skin issues we face. This can make finding the right skincare products difficult since rosacea isn’t always top of mind, especially when it comes to skincare that transitions to makeup.

Luckily, there’s a brand that we know always has it top of mind, and that’s Fitglow Beauty. Why? Because their Founder, Anna, started the business because of her struggles with rosacea and the inability to find a solution to what she (and millions of others) struggles with.

We wanted to learn more about Anna’s story and how Fitglow Beauty is focused on making living with rosacea easier for the everyday person.

We were wondering, Anna, how did your struggles with Rosacea bring you to starting Fitglow Beauty?

It truthfully came down to not being able to find the products that worked for my skin. More specifically, I was searching for plant-based and essential-oil free solutions for my skincare and makeup routine. Unfortunately, I hit a point where I just couldn’t find anything that worked for me.

This is when I knew I needed to develop something on my own since nothing was working and my rosacea had been out of control for long enough. So, I focused on developing something that would help where I was missing something the most.

And what was it that you focused on as the first Fitglow Beauty product?

It’s actually a product that’s loved by the rosacea community now – the Redness Rescue Cream, or the RRC for short. When I was struggling with finding skincare products I couldn’t find something that was versatile and could function in a number of ways. I needed something that could sit well underneath my makeup, use over a moisturizer without makeup and also use it on top of makeup if it’s ever needed throughout the day.

This was a lot to ask, but the Redness Rescue Cream does all of that – it’s completely multi-functional. That means you can use it under your makeup, and then a few hours later if you’re feeling flushed you can pat it over top of your makeup for relief and know your makeup won’t be affected.

Not only is it multi-use but it’s perfect for rosacea since it focuses on calming stressed and flushed skin. It even works to not just calm, but protect your skin from environmental stressors you just can’t avoid everyday – that’s why everyone loves it!

Now, 8 years later, what has Fitglow Beauty turned into?

Though we’re still quite a small business, we’re a heck of a lot bigger than we were when it was just me. We’re a female-led business and there’s 12 of us on the team now. We continue to create products for the rosacea community and beyond. Sustainability remains a massive focus for us and we continue to make plant-based products that feed people’s skin what it needs so that even if you’re using one of our makeup products – it’s STILL skincare. Fitglow Beauty has truly remained a skincare-first company for the everyday, regular person.

What other products outside the RRC are good for rosacea skin from Fitglow Beauty?

When I talk about not being able to find products while having rosacea, it’s really about the lack of options for skincare crossing over to makeup, so we just made the crossover happen and continue to. That’s why everything in our line allows your skin to thrive no matter what it is. But, if I had to mention a few there’s three that are perfect outside of the Redness Rescue Cream.

One is the Calm Cleanser. This cleanser was actually designed to be a makeup remover at first which makes it the ideal option for people with rosacea since it’s incredibly gentle. The electrolytes within the cleanser rehydrates the skin in an incredible way without it feeling oily or heavy.

There’s also our Night Lip Serum which uses plant ceramides to restore your lips’ moisture barrier and protect them from water loss. We may have called it the Night Lip Serum, but this treatment can be used at any time throughout the day since it gives such intense moisture to your lips when you need it most.

I would also say our Foundation+ is a fantastic choice for anyone battling rosacea. I found that I needed a foundation that acted as another layer of gentle skincare, and that’s exactly what ours does.

What are some key ingredients you use in your products that help with rosacea skin?

All our products have incredible ingredients that are ideal for people living with rosacea. The ingredients synergistically work together to do wonders for your skin, so it’s hard to pick just a few that we use! If I had to pick three off the top of my head, they’d be ceramides, electrolytes and seaweed extract.

With ceramides, this helps to restore the skin’s moisture barrier while electrolytes also rehydrate without being too harsh. Then there's seaweed extract (used in the Redness Rescue Cream) and this is really a protective agent since it calms and cools while fighting those environmental stressors.

Can you give us a sneak peek into anything Fitglow Beauty may be planning? Anything specific to the rosacea community we can share?

Only for you! I can give a little insight into what we’re going to be releasing, but everything we’re in the process of developing and doing always has sensitive skin, including those with rosacea, in mind.

We’ve got an amazing new electrolyte essential-oil free hydration serum coming out soon, along with a beautiful ceramide which will be a perfect addition to the routines for people dealing with rosacea skin.

At Fitglow, we’re just so excited to continue developing more products and giving back to the rosacea community!