Tips for Interviewing with Rosacea

Posted on: By: nrs-admin

Interviewing for a new position is stressful for anyone, but for many with rosacea, there’s an extra level of anxiety -- will a flare-up hurt my chances? Fortunately, more than three quarters of rosacea patients in a recent survey said that their condition had not prevented them from landing a new job. Still, emotional stress is a leading trigger for rosacea flare-ups, and everyone wants to put their best face forward when meeting a potential employer. 

Just like a performance or sporting event, preparing properly can help to ensure you have the best interview possible. Here are some ideas for interview prep geared for rosacea sufferers to reduce worry and stress. 

  • Do your research. This tip applies to anyone interviewing for a potential new position. The more you know and understand about an employer, the less surprised or caught off guard you will be when asked tough questions. 
  • Arrive early. Get to the interview location early so you have time to relax and mentally prepare. 
  • Check the weather. If it’s going to be particularly hot, cold or windy on the day of your interview, try to minimize the time you will be outside exposed to the elements to avoid a flare-up. 
  • Breathe deeply. Breathing deeply from your diaphragm can lower heart rate and help to make you feel less stressed. Try doing a power stance before arriving for your interview: hold hands above your head in a v-shape for victory. This stance opens the chest and can help you feel more positive. 
  • Dress carefully. Avoid colors or outfits that might highlight a red complexion -- choose neutrals and “red reducing” colors such as yellow and blue. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. 
  • Mention your rosacea. If there is any way that rosacea can come up in the conversation, mention that you have the condition. It may provide an opportunity to answer any questions they might have about it and possibly dispel some myths.

Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver on Flickr.