Rosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea SocietyRosacea Review - Newsletter of the National Rosacea Society

Rosacea Review Readers Request More Treatment, Lifestyle Info

We asked and you told us: for the first time, Rosacea Review readers were surveyed about what they want to see in the newsletter -- and what they don't.

By far, the most popular topic in Rosacea Review is treatment information. Eighty-four percent of 1,233 survey respondents said it was the most helpful part of the newsletter, and 72 percent said they would like to see more articles on the subject in the future.

Lifestyle "tips" were also favored, with 65 percent of respondents indicating they were the most helpful and 45 percent requesting more articles of this type. Sixty-five percent also found reports on research helpful, with 39 percent requesting more coverage in this regard. Many readers (60 percent) also appreciate the Q&A section.

Several respondents commented that they would like to see more information on specific treatments, such as lasers and medications, and on the use of cosmetics. Others wrote that more attention should be paid to ocular rosacea.

Thirty-eight percent of survey respondents said Rosacea Review should cover awards less often. Many readers asked that surveys run on a separate page so that the newsletter would not have to be cut up in order to respond. We are now working on plans to implement this idea.

The overwhelming majority -- 95 percent -- of readers said the layout of the newsletter was easy to read, and 80 percent felt the writing was "just right," although 13 percent wished for more detail.