Understanding Rosacea

Faces of Rosacea

Although medical experts have identified the most common patterns of rosacea signs and symptoms, they may appear in various combinations in individual patients. Signs and symptoms may come and go depending on treatment and other factors, and without medical help, each individual sign or symptom may tend to progress from mild to moderate to severe.

Facial Redness

Understanding Rosacea: facial redness

Flushing and persistent redness. Visible blood vessels may also appear.

Bumps and Pimples

Understanding Rosacea: bumps and pimples

Persistent facial redness with bumps and pimples.

Skin Thickening

Understanding Rosacea: skin thickening

Enlargement of tissue, usually around the nose.

Eye Irritation

Understanding Rosacea: eye irritation (ocular rosacea)

Watery or bloodshot appearance, irritation, burning or stinging.

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