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Go Gluten Free

I've been a rosacea sufferer for years; my grandmother suffers from it as well. It wasn't until I had some food allergy tests done that I found relief. I discovered that I had a high intolerance to wheat and gluten. I eliminated it from my diet, along with some other items that were on the test results, and the redness disappeared with three days. The pain was gone! I stuck to this for a month, a glorious month free from embarrassing red blotches and pain. I had a bad few weeks at work and stopped watching what I was eating, and added wheat and gluten products back into my diet out of convenience. Almost immediately, within 10-15 minutes, of eating these things my cheeks would flare up and the pain would begin. Any product that had either gluten or wheat (even when gluten-free) would trigger another bout of rosacea. My grandmother saw my success and began eliminating gluten and wheat as well, and found that it worked for her just as well. Since that day, as long as we keep wheat and gluten out of our diets we are now completely free of rosacea symptoms.

—Jacqui C.