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After over 35 years of rosacea I stumbled upon turmeric. I bought a blend of coffee that has tumeric in it. After drinking the coffee for several days, I noticed my skin was clearer. So I purchased turmeric powder and added it to my soups. It has been working well so far. 

— Eileen G.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Something I am paying attention to is eating vegetables with sulfur. Cruciferous veggies like cabbage and broccoli are not only great for skin, but joints too. I was not eating those veggies enough lately. Now just about every day I have broccoli or cabbage slaw.

— Joanne M.

Avoid Wheat

I have known for a long time that the sugars in fruit and wine are triggers for me, but I have recently discovered that wheat is also one of my big rosacea triggers. I experienced a substantial reduction in flare-ups and overall general redness when I removed grains and sugars from my diet. Just recently, while on vacation, I overdid it on biscuits, cookies, etc. and it took several days before I was back to normal. Those biscuits were definitely not worth the trouble!

—Trudy J.

Go Gluten Free

I've been a rosacea sufferer for years; my grandmother suffers from it as well. It wasn't until I had some food allergy tests done that I found relief. I discovered that I had a high intolerance to wheat and gluten. I eliminated it from my diet, along with some other items that were on the test results, and the redness disappeared with three days. The pain was gone! I stuck to this for a month, a glorious month free from embarrassing red blotches and pain.

Sugar Reduction

After several years trying, serious sugar reduction -- including fruit -- and avoidance of nightshade vegetables works for me.


Avoid Allergens

Because of the rosacea and other health problems, my parents had me get a blood test to check for food allergies.  The test measured both delayed and immediate responses, and I found out I had some of both.  I am allergic to eight different foods, some of which I ate all the time and never would have thought of as allergens.  Within a few days of eliminating those foods from my diet, my face began to improve.  Within weeks it was smooth and non-red again!  I was not doing any other treatments.  It sounds unbelievable, and it would be if I didn’t have the doctor’s diagnoses, photos and my ne

Drink Beer

I rarely drink beer, but was offered to split a beer with another guest and so I did. Shortly after that I consumed two Margaritas.  I was very surprised to notice in the bathroom mirror that my face was not flushed! (Alcohol and citrus are just two of many triggers that cause my face to flush and burn.)

Then, very coincidentally a week later, I happened to see a documentary on beer and breweries. Specifically mentioned in the documentary: Hops in beer acts as an anti-inflammatory!

Trigger Elimination

I finally did some research and experimentation on my own, and my complexion is now clear and calm and comfortable.  I no longer hide under layers of makeup morning to night.
I did this by eliminating nightshades from my diet:  no more potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, chili powder in any form or amount, processed or whole.  I also stopped using moisturizers with harsh acidic anti-aging ingredients and switched to sparingly used water-based organic products.
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