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Sulphur Soap

"I read about the Demodex mite that may be associated with rosacea. I started using pyrithione [an organic sulphur compound] containing soaps and creams. Within days the lesions disappeared and have not reappeared for nearly two years with a few exceptions."

— Thomas S.

Green Tea Extract

There is scientific evidence that green tea extract helps lower inflammation. My friend is a molecular biologist and told me to mix a capsule of green tea extract with some lotion and apply it directly on the affected areas. It’s not pretty (looks like a mud mask) but in less than a week my mild rosacea is much better and almost completely healed.

— Valentina F.

Cold Water

I used to use hot water on my face very often. I now use cold water and it appears to be working on my subtype 1 rosacea.

—Shaddad N.

Green Tea Ice Cubes

Try this: Brew some green tea, let it cool off, then pour it into an ice cube tray and put it in your freezer. Use a cube to clear up redness. I usually lay down on my couch and keep a greet tea ice cube on my face for 15 minutes.

—Fabiola D.

Lemon Juice

I started using lemon juice, fresh or concentrated from one of those small lemon shaped bottles, every evening on my face. After a quick face wash, I dry my face and then splash little amounts of lemon juice all around my entire face. I put on as much so that the whole face is wet from the juice, and then I let it dry by it self -- that rarely takes but a few minutes.

Salt Water

I live in Italy, and my life changed with sea water. It disinfects my skin and also dries it out, so no greasy spots around my nose anymore.

—Claudia L.

Coconut Oil

Patient recommendation for using coconut oil to calm rosacea symptoms.

Dandruff Shampoo

Patient recommendation for using dandruff shampoo to calm rosacea symptoms.

Cold Water Wash

Someone mentioned ice cubes, but if you want a quicker solution (or just simpler one), always wash your face with cold water. To remove makeup, use lukewarm, but always start the day and finish with cold water. It also makes your skin firm and prevents wrinkles.

— Gosia S.

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