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Skin Care

Tea Tree Oil Soap

Tea tree oil soap has helped to keep my extremely flushed skin calmed down!

— Jody

Vitamin E Oil

Patient recommendation for using vitamin E oil to calm rosacea symptoms.

Zinc Sunscreen

As I live in Australia, the sun was a massive irritant for my rosacea (redness of skin on cheeks, and nose that was blotchy and painful).  The only thing I have found that works is sunscreen with a large proportion of zinc. 
— M. Swards

Bath Soap

Using regular bath soap, I began scrubbing my face three times a day, about eight hours apart, while paying particular attention to my nose.  The effect was almost immediate.  The redness and soreness abated, pimples became fewer and both eyes were clear in the morning.  I knew that I still had rosacea, but all of my symptoms were greatly diminished – as long as I kept my face clean.
— D. Scarff
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