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Eye Care

Fish Oil Supplements

My optometrist recommended 1000-1200 mg of fish oil daily for the dryness and sandpaper feeling caused by my ocular rosacea. It took 3-6 months to feel results, but I've been sandpaper free for years now.

—Debbie B.

Warm Compress on Eyes

I began applying a warm compress to my eyes five or six times each day, followed by over-the-counter eye drops without preservatives. Avoiding preservatives is important because, as the ophthalmologist told me, after a while the preservatives start to have a negative impact. Although the eye regime is a chore and negatively impacts quality of life, my eyes now feel fine.

—I. Shirley

Baby Shampoo for Ocular Rosaccea

I have had rosacea and ocular rosacea for more than 20 years.  My eyes have always been worse than my face and have always experienced redness, burning and itchiness.  Sometimes the burning was so unbearable I could barely stand to keep my eyes open. 

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