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Q&A: Burning and Itching & Heredity

Q. This is my second round of rosacea, but this time it came with a tightening, burning, hot feeling. It is also very itchy. Is itching normal?

A. Yes, itching is a common secondary symptom of rosacea.

You may be able to alleviate the itching by complying with long-term medical therapy as well as identifying and avoiding the lifestyle and environmental factors that may exacerbate your condition. Clinical studies have found that long-term use of medical therapy dramatically aids in maintaining remission of symptoms. Even a cold compress may be helpful at times. This may be a good time to see your dermatologist.

Q. I was just diagnosed with rosacea. Is this a condition I need to worry about my children having in the future?

A. Although researchers have not identified a "rosacea gene," it has been observed that rosacea may tend to run in families. In a survey of rosacea patients by the National Rosacea Society (NRS), nearly 52 percent said they knew of another family member who had signs of rosacea.

Ethnicity may also be a factor in one's potential to develop rosacea. In the same NRS survey, rosacea was found especially common in individuals of northern or eastern European ancestry.



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