Dry Eye Awareness

Posted: 7/7/2006

The following announcement was issued by the National Women's Health Resource Center:

Do You Live in a Dry Eye Hot Spot?

Trail of Tears May Lead Scientists To First Diagnostic Test for Rosacea

Posted: 6/14/2006

BARRINGTON, Illinois (June 14, 2006) -- A trail of tears may lead to the first diagnostic test for ocular rosacea, a common and potentially serious condition that may result in reduction of vision if left untreated. In a study of human tears funded by the National Rosacea Society (NRS) and published in Rosacea Review, medical scientists have discovered new clues to identify the eye effects of rosacea, a red-faced, acne-like disorder now estimated to affect 14 million Americans.

Summer Rosacea Review

Posted: 6/6/2006

The summer 2006 issue of Rosacea Review is now available on

Survey Finds Facial Disorder Hurts More Than Appearance

Posted: 2/20/2006

While the often-devastating impact of rosacea on facial appearance is well recognized, a new survey shows that physical discomfort is also experienced by the majority of people with this red-faced, acne-like disorder now estimated to affect more than 14 million Americans.

New Research Grants Awarded to Further Knowledge of Rosacea

Posted: 1/11/2006

The National Rosacea Society (NRS) announced that five new studies have been awarded funding as part of its research grants program to advance scientific knowledge of the potential causes and other key aspects of this chronic and potentially devastating disorder that affects an estimated 14 million Americans.