When Should You See a Doctor?

Posted on: Mon, 05/11/2015 - 05:43 By: nrs-admin

Many potential rosacea sufferers try to self-treat their early signs and symptoms or just cover them up with make-up, perhaps feeling that seeing a dermatologist might be unnecessary or even vain - - and hoping it will all go away with time. But many don’t realize that rosacea is a chronic and often life-disruptive disorder that requires medical attention and usually grows worse without medical treatment. 

Our new “When To See a Doctor” page provides information on spotting the early warning signs of rosacea that can tell you it’s time to seek professional diagnosis and appropriate therapy. Making an appointment to see a dermatologist is easy, and can not only benefit your appearance but significantly improve your comfort and health as well. The signs and symptoms of rosacea can sometimes appear similar to other serious conditions like the autoimmune disorder lupus, which requires vastly different therapy. And in the case of rosacea, your dermatologist can tailor a treatment program for your individual condition to halt its progression and reverse its effects.

Whether your symptoms currently include flushing, persistent facial redness, bumps and pimples, an inflamed nose or irritated eyes, take the advice of these patients, who wish that they had known that proper medical treatment and trigger avoidance could have reduced their suffering much earlier. Visit the “When To See a Doctor” page today and learn more.