Heading Back to School With Rosacea

Posted on: Mon, 08/31/2015 - 06:42 By: nrs-admin

Tough times may be on the way for some rosacea sufferers: the seasonal changes of fall and the start of the school year, which brings with it a packed schedule and additional stress. Whether you have a child heading back to school, are going back yourself or will be helping a granddaughter or grandson gear up for the school year, study up on ways you can avoid flare-ups.

The Hectic Parent
Help reduce daily stress by making lunches and selecting the day’s wardrobe the night before so you're not rushing to get out the door. To help stay compliant with your medical therapy, pick a specific time in the morning and night, such as after your morning shower or brushing your teeth, to apply your therapy so that it becomes a part of your routine and keep your skin-care products in stock so that you don’t revert to old habits when you run out. Consider also taking a few minutes in the morning to incorporate simple breathing exercises or meditation to lower your stress level. If you find yourself flaring up around other parents or kids, take it as a teaching opportunity and educate others on rosacea as a common skin disorder affecting an estimated 16 million Americans.

The College Student
Forget "Freshman 15," you’d just like to get through the semester without a flare-up, but you know the first big project or presentation will send your rosacea through the roof. Before you try to self-treat your rosacea with over-the-counter products or “natural remedies” that may actually worsen your condition, review the Understanding Rosacea Booklet. Then, schedule an appointment with your campus health services clinic to discuss your signs, symptoms and concerns with a health professional. Some campuses may even offer a school psychologist who can help you manage the emotional impact of the condition.

The Catering Grandparent
Now that the school year is in session, pick-ups, drop-offs, chasing after your grandkids during park playtime and after-school crafting may soon be on your calendar. Losing the opportunity to spend time with your grandchildren because of a flare-up is out of the question, so take preventive measures to control your condition, such as sticking to your medical therapy, avoiding your personal triggers and making sure you carry around sun protection -- hats and sunscreen -- at all times for unexpected outdoor activities.

Some women experiencing signs of menopause may also find that hot flashes trigger flare-ups or make their condition worse. Keep ice packs stocked in the freezer for quick cooling off and a mini-fan and water bottle mister handy.

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