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Lukewarm Showers

Since I can’t eliminate exercise, I make sure I take a lukewarm shower as soon as possible after a work-out. If I need to do manual labor outside, such as gardening or mowing the lawn, I do it in the early morning, when it’s relatively cool and not too sunny, and I then take a lukewarm shower immediately afterwards. If I can’t get in the shower right away, then I’ll splash my face a few times with cool water.

— Lauren M.

Let Someone Else Cook

My husband suggested that, since my flare-ups occur in the evening, they may be related to cooking. He volunteered to start cooking and after a week or so I rarely have evening flare-ups, when previously I was having them every night for 1-2 hours with varying severity. Along with him doing the cooking, I stay out of the kitchen while the stove is on, we open the kitchen windows and use the vent.

—Kostendena K.

Spray Mist While Excercising

I exercise on a recumbent bike -- and use fan and water spray bottle directly to face. Adopting this has meant I do not go bright red, perspire excessively and get facial bumps. So effective to use spray mister with intensive exercise, which means I do not have to forgo the intense workout!

— Tanya S.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated with water – when I’m dehydrated my rosacea (redness and pimples) appear and are exacerbated. Improves over the day as I re-hydrate and stay hydrated.

— Cindy B.

Ice Cubes

One day when my face was flushed, I rubbed an ice cube all over my face, particularly my nose.  Every morning and every night I did that for months because it felt good.  Then, I began to see that my rosacea was getting better and better.  I still do that ice rub morning and night, and my rosacea never appears and hasn’t appeared for three years now.
— P. Smith

Cucumber Slices

To help reduce flushing, I apply cucumber slices directly to the flushed skin.  I use English cucumbers, peeled and sliced very thin.  The thin slices conform to the skin contours much better than thicker slices.  I apply the cucumber and leave it in place until nearly dry.  Cucumber has a cooling effect that seems to exceed the effect one would expect from moisture alone.  I keep a small container in the refrigerator and take one along when traveling.  I pack a small paring knife in a checked bag when flying.
— U. Macmillan
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