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Stay Cool in Bed

I have noticed that changing temperatures quickly causes facial flushing that lasts for around one to two hours. So at night when I get into bed, I don’t cover myself completely with my covers, I try to stay cool and not get too warm. If I do get warm too quickly my nose and cheeks turn red and burn.

—Kostendena K.

Box Fan

I run a small box fan near my bed at night.  The cool air seems to keep my rosacea calmer.

— L. Braman

Portable Fan

To help reduce flushing in hot weather I use a battery-operated person fan that I always carry in my purse.  The model I prefer has an adjustable head and a suction cup on the bottom.  The blade is soft plastic and is removable.  It operates on one C battery, which often lasts for several hours.  I buy them online, keep a few in reserves and stash one in the car and at friends’ houses.
— U. Macmillan
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