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Estrogen Therapy

During menopause, in my early 50s, it took over my face.  I was so red and splotchy friends thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I had ocular rosacea, too.

My doctor suggested estrogen therapy.  I took estrogen-progestin for six months, then tapered down over two years.  (I also tried doxycycline and topical prescription gels and creams.  I felt the estrogen therapy was better at the time.)

My skin returned to normal most of the time.  Eventually, I dropped estrogen therapy altogether.

— M. Smilgis


Just after menopause at 59, my whole face and ears burned and were very red at (room) temperatures that would be comfortable for others.  I couldn’t use topical treatment; it made the burning worse.  I went on estrogen, a very small dose, and after three months my face cleared up and is much less dry – a dramatic improvement.  It has not helped the burning.
— M. Grice
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