Try These Trendy and Rosacea-Friendly Summer Treats

Posted on: Mon, 07/02/2018 - 06:52 By: nrs-admin

Thai rolled ice creamSummer is here and with it come hot days and cravings for sweet treats! Thanks to blogs and social networks like Instagram and Facebook, we see photos of our friends and family members’ meals and find ourselves inundated with beautiful pictures of desserts and drinks. For rosacea patients who deal with dietary triggers, it might feel like these are delights we can’t enjoy. However, with a little care, some of this summer’s trendiest sweets can be rosacea-proofed. Here are a few trendy warm weather treats and tips for enjoying them without causing a flare-up.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream: This handmade ice cream is made by pouring milk on a cold metal pan. It’s often mixed with fruits, chocolate and other flavorings. Once frozen, the sheet of ice cream is scraped into rolls and served in dishes with candies and toppings. Because Thai rolled ice cream is made to order, it’s easy to specify the ingredients based on your dietary restrictions. If dairy triggers your rosacea, ask for a soy or coconut milk base instead. Be very particular when choosing toppings and ask about different flavoring options.

Rosé-inspired treats: Recently rosé wine has popped up everywhere. It’s such a popular summer beverage that it has started to seep into the dessert world, too. Because alcohol is known to a be a top trigger for rosacea, drinking gobs of pink wine might be out of the question for most rosacea patients. However, a rosé flavored sorbet or granita may not contain much rosé at all. Read or ask about the ingredients. Most rosé-flavored frozen desserts rely on juice and sugar as their main ingredients, and contain such a small amount of rosé that they might be safe to try.

Frozen fruit: It might seem too simple to be true, but frozen fruit can be a great summer treat. Try freezing grapes or blueberries and popping them in your mouth as a snack that keeps you cool. Freeze berries and use them as fruity, flavorful ice cubes in your favorite drink. You might also try making a fruit salad topped with lime juice or herbs, portioning it into cups and freezing the cups for individual frozen fruit cocktail desserts.