Latest Rosacea Review Newsletter Now Available Online

Posted on: By: nrs-admin

The latest Rosacea Review newsletter is now available online. This issue includes a report on comorbidity studies that potentially link rosacea to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as an interview with medical scientists at John Hopkins School of Medicine on the recent trend toward research on rosacea comorbidities. 

In other research news, two recent studies on ocular rosacea yielded new findings that help in understanding the disease’s eye symptoms. In an effort to learn even more about ocular rosacea, the issue also includes a survey asking rosacea patients about their experiences with eye symptoms. Take the survey here, and watch for the results in a future issue of Rosacea Review.

The newsletter also includes tips for minimizing the unpredictable and disruptive flare-ups of rosacea, and the results of a survey on medications rosacea patients typically use.

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