Resolve to Exercise Without a Flare-Up

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2014 - 07:42 By: nrs-admin

The start of the new year is a time when many people begin a new exercise plan, yet for some rosacea sufferers, this could be troublesome to their condition. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise or cardio, increases the demand for oxygen, resulting in higher respiration, heart rates and an increase in body temperature, which may lead to unwanted flare-ups of rosacea symptoms.

While getting in shape is important to overall health, keep in mind some of these tips and exercise alternatives that can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals without aggravating your condition:

Go low-impact: Low-impact workouts such as pilates, yoga and aqua aerobics can be beneficial forms of exercise and have the added benefit of being easy on the body. Choose a low-intensity workout, such as those found on our Pinterest board, “Exercise and Rosacea,” that is less likely to cause you to overheat while still helping you maintain fitness goals.

Keep it cool: Indoor heat during the winter can be irritating to rosacea skin. Make sure the room is well ventilated by running a fan or air conditioner. If you find yourself overheating, drape a cool, damp towel over your neck or place a few ice cubes in your mouth. A spray bottle filled with water can also be helpful for misting in between workouts.

Break up your routine: Short exercise sessions throughout the day compared to intense, continuous workouts are shown to still be beneficial. Try exercising for 15 minutes three times a day instead of continuously for 45 minutes.

Watch the weather: As the weather warms up, it may be tempting to take your workout outside. Even though you may not feel it, the cold weather and wind could be aggravating your condition. Try to keep activities indoors if possible; if you do go outside, wear proper skin protection and make sure to put on sunscreen.

Environmental and lifestyle triggers are unique to each individual’s condition. As you kick off the new year, consider tracking your exercise routines with our Rosacea Diary to find out what activities may trigger your signs and symptoms.