Reduce or Lose the Booze to Avoid Rosacea Flare-Ups

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2013 - 07:40 By: nrs-admin

Alcohol has been known to trigger flare-ups in some rosacea patients, and the holidays are filled with endless gatherings and social events where alcohol may play a major role in celebration. While dodging celebratory drinks may be more difficult during the holidays, you can still guard against alcohol related flare-ups with these simple tips.

Raise the Kalimotxo

Red wine and rosacea flare-ups go hand-in-hand for many sufferers, and the prevalence of red wine during the holiday season can make avoiding it at this time of year particularly important. Try switching to white wine, or to lessen the effects of red wine while still enjoying it, do as the Spanish do and turn it into a “Kalimotxo” --  equal parts of red wine and cola served over ice. An additional benefit: the ice will cool you off.

Or try a spritzer. This concoction of half white wine and half soda or sparkling water served over ice dilutes your drink while also keeping things cool, and the resulting fizziness is reminiscent of Champagne. Throw in a couple of fruit slices for a festive sangria!

Trade Champagne or White Wine for Ginger Ale

Office parties and New Year celebrations are all reason to raise a toast -- but you don’t have to be the only one not raising your glass this year. Ginger ale in a champagne or wine glass can easily pass for the hard stuff and no one will know the difference. Feel confident toasting the night away without having to worry about your rosacea.

Put a Lemon in It

A glass of ice water or lemon-lime soda easily masquerades as the popular vodka and tonic with just a twist of citrus. Drop a lime or lemon wedge into your drink and your friends or colleagues will never know that you are teetotalling, and you can enjoy the night knowing that you are helping to keep your rosacea at bay. Plus it tastes good.

Go With a 1:1 Ratio

Perhaps the easiest tip is simply to drink water. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, which may aggravate your skin. Have a tall glass of ice water in between each alcoholic drink; the water will help you stay hydrated and the ice will keep you cool.

And remember, not every party needs to involve alcohol to be enjoyed. If you are not sure which foods or environmental factors aggravate your rosacea, the Rosacea Diary Booklet can help track your individual triggers.