Helpful Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Posted on: 12/17/2012

The holidays can be an especially difficult time of year for rosacea sufferers. So many common triggers for flare-ups -- cold and windy weather, indoor heat, hot beverages, emotional stress, alcohol and spicy foods -- are hallmarks of the season, they can be difficult to avoid. Here are some useful tips to help keep rosacea symptoms at bay.

  • First and foremost, take care of yourself to avoid emotional stress. Stress is the second-most commonly identified trigger for flare-ups by rosacea sufferers. Eat right, get plenty of rest, avoid worry and maintain your exercise routine.

  • Avoid known food triggers. Identify and avoid foods that affect your individual case. Spicy foods, tomatoes and chocolate are some triggers often identified in patient surveys.

  • Heated drinks and alcoholic beverages -- especially red wine -- are known to cause flare-ups in some individuals. Minimize alcohol intake and add an ice cube to hot coffee, tea, hot cocoa or cider.

  • If you're the one doing the holiday cooking, remember to keep the kitchen cool and well ventilated to avoid becoming overheated. Sip a cool drink, and have a cool, damp towel at the ready to pat your face. Take a break in a cooler room when you can.

  • Holiday shopping means running in and out of stores in cold or windy weather. Cover your face with a scarf, and consider using moisturizer on your face to avoid dry skin.