Managing Rosacea

Lifestyle Management

In addition to complying with the medical therapy your doctor prescribes, an important step in controlling flare-ups is to identify and avoid lifestyle and environmental factors that trigger or aggravate the condition. Most of these factors are related to flushing, and some of the most common are listed below. However, what affects one rosacea sufferer may not affect another, and avoidance of every potential factor may not be necessary.

To help you identify and avoid only those factors that affect your individual condition, the National Rosacea Society (NRS) provides a "Rosacea Diary" booklet to help you keep track of common rosacea triggers you may experience, and then match them to any flare-ups of signs and symptoms. The NRS also offers the booklet "Coping with Rosacea," with tips on how to avoid your personal triggers.

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