New Rosacea Review Now Available Online

Posted on: 09/08/2014

The latest issue of Rosacea Review is now online, featuring information on how to better navigate the complex system of prescription insurance coverage, as well as new research into the accuracy of standard diagnostic tests currently being used to differentiate lupus and rosacea, two disorders that can share similar symptoms but require different treatment.

In other research news, one study found that the facial skin of rosacea sufferers may be more susceptible to irritants due to an impaired barrier function. And in a new success story, a patient’s trip to the dermatologist with her son lead to her inadvertently becoming the patient, receiving a diagnosis of rosacea and a start to relief.

Also included in this issue are the results of our latest survey on seasonal effects on rosacea flare-ups, with nearly 90 percent of respondents saying that changes in seasons affected their condition. And if you’re heading to a special occasion, tips for preparing for social events may help you take appropriate precautions. 

Read the full online issue here.