Rosacea Can't Curb Career of Actress Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon, rosacea suffererA giant screen can magnify even the tiniest facial blemish, so a conspicuous skin condition such as rosacea could become a significant career roadblock for an actress if it goes undiagnosed and untreated. Fortunately for TV, stage and movie actress Cynthia Nixon, co-star of "Sex in the City," a dermatologist was able to put a name to her vexing facial inflammation before her rosacea got out of hand.

Her Medication Restores Beauty Queen Complexion

Unlike many rosacea patients whose initial signs and symptoms come and go and gradually intensify, Jo-El Lacy's symptoms seemed to appear virtually overnight. The 35-year-old Chicagoan said that shortly after discontinuing oral contraceptives she noticed some redness on her cheeks. Within a week, her cheeks were bright red and covered with pimples.


Winning Formula Controls Rosacea for 20 Years


Fond early memories of holidays and family celebrations remain vivid in Ruth Arons' mind, as does going back to those times to pinpoint her first flushing symptoms as a young child. The coming and going of these symptoms continued throughout her teens and well into early married life.

"I remember going to dances with my husband and then out for pizza, and the flushing on my face and ears would be startling," she recalled. "It would be especially bad if I had a taste of wine."


Florida Heat, Sun Not Only Cause for Her Red Face


Before being diagnosed with rosacea at age 25, Jacquelyn Carlton attributed her constant red face to the sun, heat and high blood pressure. Living in Florida, the weather is usually sunny and warm and her primary doctor told her it was her blood pressure that also kept her face red.


'Red Nose' Concerned This College Professor

John was a respected professor on a college campus. Then at the age of 57, he started to have trouble with pimples and redness on his face, mostly on his nose. He had periodic outbreaks, followed by soreness and an embarrassing red nose. Though John's facial problems didn't seem to affect his professional relationships, he was still concerned.

"I was worried that people might associate my red nose with drinking," he said.

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